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Name: Jean-Marie Glaser
Canine Ambassador with the AKC
Canine Good Citizen Evaluator with the AKC
I am Public Education Chair and Publicity Chair Corresponding Secretary and Past President of Lehigh Valley Afghan Hound Association
Hobbies: Painting, dogtraining, our pets and Astronomy
My name is Jean-Marie Glaser. My husband, Jeff and our son, James A. Glaser, and I have been involved in animals our whole lives. Currently we own Afghan Hounds, Chinese Cresteds, a Yorkie, and cats who all get along just fine. The only time they chase is in a friendly game; never to harm the other one. We train our animals to give them at least enough good manners in and outside our house. Two of our dogs hold Canine Good Citizen titles. We also had an Afghan Hound who was a registered Therapy dog with TDI. As well we have some dogs with AKC Conformation Champion titles.

And our Yorkie has acted in community theatre stage plays.. I'm a Canine Ambassador with the American Kennel Club. Accompanied by my dogs, I visit schools to teach children how to care for and groom dogs, and their responsibility for their dog. I have also held Junior Showmanship handling classes in our front yard, which teaches children how to show their dogs at dog shows. In addition to that I'm a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator with the AKC; which means I can test other people’s dogs for their Good Citizen awards. Our son, James has been involved in all the animal breeding, training and showing . He has now moved with his family.. He and his wife have 3 children of their own now. And recently were given full custody of 2 of my daughter in law's nieces.

Jeff has helped me with my vendor's booth at dog, cat and pet shows. And has occasionally shown a dog when I could not. I also like to paint. My animals have always been a large part of my life and I like to show that in my artwork. My work is not limited to animals only though, I have done trains, construction equipment, Fire Trucks and sailboats too. For the custom made items, I use your photo as a guide for markings and coloring. As for other products I sell in addition to my artwork, I will not sell any product that I do not use or appreciate myself, or that my animals do not like.

I hope you will enjoy my art work and the other products I sell.
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