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I strive for your complete satisfaction. My work is not limited to animals. I have done trains, construction equipment and sailboats too. If you donít see what you want, please do askÖ. I'm always adding to our products. Or, maybe, I can custom make it for you.

We use one of your photos (send by e-mail) as a guide to paint your petís portrait on your choice of premium steel, quality mailboxes in post style, or those that attach to the house in various sizes and shapes. I put six coats of varnish on them to hold up to the weather. Here I show some of the mailboxes I have painted.

Most breeds may be ordered. Only a few currently in stock. As is from manufacturer, or custom painted to match your pet using your photo's as a guide.
Brown is original as from manufacturer. Spotted is custom painted in this photo.

Wall Murals and Windows done at
67 Washington Ave, Washington, NJ 07882
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