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  All my art work is custom, hand-painted on various items, for example, mailboxes, shirts, wooden items, glass, etc. We do any breed, variety, or species of animal, insect, reptile, etc. We have done several special orders that did not include animals at all; such as Firetrucks, Motorcycles, sailboats and construction equipment. We use your photo as a guide for the painting, especially for animals for their coloring and markings. The picture of what you want to have painted can be sent to
  Additional information such as sizes, colors etc. can be added to that mail too.

  Thank you for your time and interest!


Cotton duck or canvas, colors: Natural, Green, Burgundy, Navy, Red.

Per item$ 35.00

Acrylic on Canvas

9" x 12"$ 75.00

14" x 17"$ 150.00

16" x 20"$ 230.00

18" x 24"$ 450.00

24" x 30"$ 600.00

Christmas Stocking

17 1/2" x 12 1/2" in Natural Canvas only.

Per item$ 35.00

For pricing & more information please email.

Per item$ 3.00

Tote Bags

Canvas or cotton duck tote bags in the colors Natural, Burgandy, Navy, Denim, White, Red, Purple or Green.

Per item$ 40.00

In all sizes and colors, I would rather not use black because I can't see the drawings well on black. But if you insist, I would try.

T-Shirt$ 30.00

Sweatshirt$ 60.00


Wooden box Small$ 40.00

Wooden box Large$ 60.00

Plaque$ 50.00

Wooden Sign one side$ 110.00

Wooden Sign two sides$ 180.00
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